Pet Supplies: Tips and hints for buying dog supplies online

Have you ever spent a weekend driving from shop to shop looking for pet supplies trying to find exactly what you want at the best price? I think we all have at one time or another. And there is nothing worse than when you live in a town with only the one pet shop and they don’t have what you want in stock. Pet supplies can be found online and at discounted prices; you just need to know how to go about it.

When looking for pet supplies online ensure you find a company with a good reputation for providing quality products. Scan their webpage – does it look professional? Do they have a secure ordering system? Do they provide details of who they are and how long they have been in business? These all help to give you confidence that you are dealing with a professional business that is willing to provide quality products and service to their customers.

Check to see if they offer discounts. Some will provide a discount on pet supplies if you order more than one product. This may mean you stocking up on some items but it can be worth it.

Finally, check their delivery costs. Some companies offer free delivery on pet supplies if you spend more than a certain amount. Some companies offer free delivery no matter how much you buy, whether it be one item or twenty.

Some pet supplies available online include:

Dog Beds – these are available in all shapes and sizes. When looking for a dog bed, ensure that you consider the size of your pet and the wear and tear that the dog may cause. A puppy will chew a cane or wooden bed to bits and will most likely swallow some of it, so avoid them if possible.

Dog Food – check out our Dog Food Treats page for more info.

Dog Collars and Leashes – a vast array of collars and leashes are available online from leather to nylon, designer dog collars, reflective and training collars.

Dog Kennels – ensure you consider the size of your pet before purchasing a dog kennel. Too big and the pet won’t be able to stay warm and too small and your pet will be uncomfortable.

Dog Tags – it is important that your dog has sufficient ID so if it is lost you can easily be contacted for its safe return. From the day you receive your new pet ensure it has proper ID.

Dog Travel Crates – for smooth transportation of your pet a dog crate is essential. Ensure that if you are transporting by plane that you contact the airline for specifications including required length and size of the crate. Don’t assume that you will get it right because you probably won’t.

Dog Clothes – ensure that if you are going to dress your dog up that it is clothing made specifically for dogs. Anything else will only annoy your pet. Check out our Dog Clothes page for more info.

Dog Toys and Gifts 

Pet Doors – there are many different dog doors available on the market today. Some will fit in a wooden door and there are some that will even fit into glass doors.

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